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  • This amazing new rock crusher is ideal for prospectors interested in a lightweight and economical high speed machine. This crusher is virtually indestructible and unjammable. If any uncrushable particles are fed into the unit it will automatically pass them without damage or hesitation.

  • Rocks are fed into the hopper and are gravity fed into the center of a high speed impeller. The centrifugal force shatters the rocks against an impact wall into dust. All material after crushing then passes into the enclosed five-gallon bucket. This sealed chamber allows almost no dust to escape.

  • Ideal for crushing all types of quartz, shiest, limestone etc. The harder the rock, the easier it shatters into instant powder, due to impact speeds in excess of 400 M.P.H. This new machine is also ideal for crushing black sand concentrates to release any encapsulated micron gold for further processing.

  • Mounted to a vertical 5hp Briggs and Stratton engine. Capable of producing up to 4000lbs of grind in one hour. MAXIMUM SIZE ROCK THIS UNIT WILL HANDLE IS ONE INCH. The horizontal design makes it possible to manufacture this product at an incredibly low cost. Built tough for long life and production.

  • Weight 85lb

Keene G-Force Rock Crusher

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Gold Nugget from Alaska.

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Price: $ 1,095 .