Montana rocker pan

Lighter than a Rocker Box! Faster than a Gold Pan! Use in slow streams, creeks, ponds, where there is not enough water flow for a Sluice Box! "Pan" a 5 Gallon buckets worth of material in "under 5 minutes".

Constructed from 5052 aluminum, the MONTANA ROCKER PAN is 12" wide and 24" long, easily disassembles to fit in a backpack, and Weighs only 8 lbs. The Gold Recovery system uses a combination of Ribbed Carpet, Stainles Steel expanded metal and a custom manufactured aluminum riffle tray, If you find that the riffles are loading up with Black Sands, just run a magnet over them, pull out the Black Sands, save for later processing and keep on prospecting! All Stainless Steel Nuts & Bolts!

To use the Montana Rocker Pan, simply place it into the water, to the top edge of the pan. Place a shovel of material in the middle of the pan, over the riffles and move the handle back and forth 4 to 6 inches, rapidly for 15 to 20 seconds. This action will settle the black sand and gold to the riffles. Next, slowly rock the pan back and forth, moving the handle 14 to 20 inches. This will allow the over burden to wash off the ends. Use a magnet to pull out black sands, as needed. Keep repeating above actions until you are ready to do your finish panning.

MONTANA Gold Rocker Pan