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GOLD MAGIC Spiral Gold Recovery System

There's still lots of gold waiting to be discovered. Mining engineers tell us that only 10 to 20 percent of the earth's gold reserves have been found. Using the latest in computer aided design and engineering, Century Mining has made significant changes to the original style gold pan. It is the first major change in the gold pan in 4,000 years! We have coupled the patented spiral gold pan with a high tech, portable power unit, making gold panning automatic. Now anyone can become a pro at gold mining.

In 1989 an experienced gold prospector in Seattle, Washington was fed up with inefficient mining equipment and created the first Gold Magic®. Through the years the original hand held Gold Magic® pan has seen many modifications and improvements. Today the Gold Magic® line of products are the most effective, efficient and reliable gold recovery systems on the market.

Spiral Gold Recovery System Includes: built-in 12-volt battery, built-in 110 volt charger. Works in manual or battery mode, takes less than a minute to set up. Can process 140 lbs of material every 60 minutes. No need to screen the material first this machine will do the screening for you. Takes material up to 2 inches. Works wet or dry. In dry operation you will highly concentrate the material. It will take 140 lbs of material down to approximately 2 cups of concentrates in 60 minutes. Wet it will work the material down to clean good.

Shipping Weight: 20lbs

Gold Magic Model 12E          $419.00

Gold Magic Model 12-10        $455.00

Spiral Gold Recovery System Includes: built-in 12-volt battery, built-in 110 volt charger, complete and ready to use the minute you buy it. This unit will process 140 lbs of material in 60 minutes. No need to screen the material first, material up to 2 inches can go right into the machine, it does the screening for you. Sets up in less than 5 minutes. Works wet or dry. Dry you are concentrating the material, 140 lbs down to approximately 2 cups. Wet it will process the material down to clean gold.

Shipping Weight: 20lbs

Gold Magic Model 10M              $210.00

Manual Operation Spiral Gold Recovery System includes.

This unit works wet and dry. Can run up to 140lbs of material in 60 minutes. Weighs only 4 lbs. Easy to carry with one hand.

Shipping Weight: 15lbs

12-10 Complete Kit                          $510.00

This is a complete kit to get you started. Your 12-10 unit comes contained in a Wet Separation/Storage Tub. It also comes with a bag of Panning Gravel, a small finishing pan and a scoop.

12E Complete Kit                                $475.00

Shipping Weight: 48lbs

Shipping Weight: 48lbs

This is a compete kit. It containes a Gold Magic Model 12E, a Wet Separation/Storage Tub, a Scoop, a bag of Panning Gravel, and a small finishing pan. Everything you will need to get started prospecting.

How It Works

The 17-inch Gold Magic® pan is computer designed for maximum gold recovery. Gold starts to separate from other material and move into the removable center cup in 30 to 45 seconds.

The pan is set at an approximate 45° angle. When prospecting wet, the water line needs to be set at the center of the pan. As the pan rotates, you shovel sand and gravel material into the pan at the 3 to 4 o'clock position of the pan.

The larger, low density materials will be expelled from the pan while the heavier, smaller materials (black sand, gold, platinum, and gemstones) will be carried up the spiral riffle into the removable concentration cup.

1 This is the primary classification area - all materials, sand, gravel, etc. (wet or dry) is shoveled into this area. Large size and most low specific gravity materials roll out of the pan as it rotates. Heavy weight materials (gold) sink to the lowest point at the joining of riffle and the pan (1-C) and commence rotating toward areas (2,3,4).

2 This is the riffle transition and large nugget recovery area. Nuggets too large to spiral up the riffle in area (3) into concentrate cup (4) will remain in area (2) until visually sighted and removed.

3 This is the secondary classification area. The heavy material, (high specific gravity) like gold, platinum, flour gold and black sand, will continue to travel at the low point where the riffle joins the pan (1-C), to area (4). Most light (low specific gravity) material falls from the riffle in area (3) and it's ultimately ejected from the pan.

4 Final classification area. Here you immediately see the results.  The gold settles in the removable cup (4). As it continues to tumble wet, it is "cleaned up" with a gentle splash of water and is ready for removal. Dry gold concentrate is removed from here for final wet cleanup.

5 There are 69 agitator knobs in the primary processing area of the Gold Magic pan.  These agitator knobs move through the material in rapid succession causing it to mix and tumble, all designed to quickly get the gold into area (1-C).

6 As the pan rotates, sand and fine gold will be carried to approximately the two o'clock position. At which time gravity takes over and the materials fall from area (6), across the agitators (1-B) into area (1-C).  Designed to keep the flour gold below the riffles and rotating to the concentration cup.

The locking system allows the third leg to be locked in at any angle.

(side view in water shown)