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Replacing the enrichment by a radical method

Letter from B. Price, an old gold miner from Russia.

1. Screening at the 3 mm sieve.

2. Then, forward all material less then 3 mm to the concentrator by Pugachev*. And all what is between 3 mm and 10 mm – take to Goldtron, if there is a large gold of this size. If not, then the largest fraction - in dump.

Incidentally, the prototype of the device by Pugachev (TSVK-100-2M) is well demonstrated its concentration method on recovering the gold from the leftovers after separating at the sluice box during the work in artel (small group of miners). There were virtually no losses. (I personally tested the tails from this device on the concentration table).

3. Take the concentrated gold from the Pugachev’s device - to the screening at the 1 mm sieve. If you can well receive large gold on the spiral concentrator, then take the +1mm fractions to it. But the 1-mm fractions – to Goldtron. Then take the Goldtron concentrate to the bowl. And the bowl’s concentrate – to melting operation.

4. Collect the bowl’s tailings at the end of the season - to Goldtron. Incidentally, I can not separate the largest gold with Gold Genie, but small (-0.5 mm) - very good.

About Goldtron - I can only dream about it. This is perhaps the best table of all what I know.

Here, perhaps, and that's it.

 B. Price.

*Valery Pugachev is an inventor of the Centrifuge - inertial concentrator. - read more here